Friday, August 7, 2009

Kuala Selangor??

Sorry for never update my blogs for quite a time.. =p
TaiTai, Don't worry I'll keep u all update when i'm free to do so k?? haha..
Well, I'm doing good here and not to worry much..

Firstly, wanna wish JERRY CHAN happy birthday.. Just wished him on facebook.. Hope he could find another half and do well in everything ya..

Congrats to BOK for getting a medal in badminton tournament. I know u did train well with Chia Hui sifu and it is possible for u to become a champion. Coz i could see u have the confidence and "fighting" spirit in u. 2nd runners up is already good enough and what u need to do next is concentrate more for the inter-u tournament ya.. =p To overcome gastric, firstly, u need to make sure u have a proper "makan" time. Everyday u should have at least 3 meals, breakfast is the most important meal and u cant miss it. U have to really take care of the time and what to eat especially few days before the tournament. If ur match is in the morning, u can have light meal at least 2 hours before ur match. Hope this simple guidelines from me can help u to overcome a little bit.. =p

I know u are so busy with ur working life now and the figures seems to be driving u crazy.. =p
When talk about figures, they remind me about foundation's life that time. I remembered Wk did tell me something, saying that u like figures very much and the more u look at them the more u in love with those figures.. haha.. So r u regret working in that audit firm now?? Do u still love figures as much as u do during foundation?? hehe.. Well, working is not easy i know but since u have made up ur mind to work there dont try to look back ya.. =p Don't quit half way ya..

BTW, I'm waiting for the Kuala Selangor trip.. =p

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lucky Village

On Sunday, my family and i went to Sri Kembangan to visit relatives. At nite, we went to a restaurant, Lucky Village in Sungai Long. This was the first time i went to that restaurant. Since i was in Sg. Long, a friend suddenly crossed my mind. She is Xue Ni (a gurl who likes to eat but afraid of becoming fat) who currently doing her degree in UTAR Sg. Long campus. I msged her and just to let her know that i'm in Sg. Long and did not expect her to find me. At last, she came to find me when i was busy eating the crab.. She came with her bf and this was the 1st time i met her bf. We chatted for a while and learned that they were heading to pj. Then, i continued with my meal.

Well, the food at the lucky village is really nice but poor services. If u want me to evaluate, i'll give 7/10. I wish i still can remember the way to Sg. Long and try other food there.. "Live to eat and not eat to live" =p

TAR Open

Saturday (20 June) was a very tiring day. I went for a waterpolo tournament organized by TAR college (Setapak campus). I played under KL team with my friends who seldom come for training. Hardly to see them unless there are any tournaments coming.. =p Well, this was the 2nd TAR Open and the teams that joined this open were MMU (Malacca players), Negeri Sembilan, TAR A, TAR B, TAR KAMPAR and my team, KL. Although, this TAR Open is not a major tournament but we have to play hard to fight for the first placing because Malacca players were playing and their coach did come along. HUh!! Come on, this is just a minor tournament! Hmm.. But for those who didn't come for training, it seems impossible because malacca players do train everyday.. >.< We went into the final and have a tough fight with fellow malaccans. The final score is 7-8, we 7 and they 8. Yes, we have lost the game but my friends and i tried real hard. We are not losing to the MMU team but to ourself for not coming for training and not training together. Waterpolo is a team sport, without teamwork is hard to win the game. "Losing" for some people is hard to be accepted but for me, i'll improve myself to become better.. For my fellow teammates "Ganbarimasho".. Let's fight for a place in SEA game..

Friday, June 19, 2009

My another half!

Erm.. Today is considered a happy day cause my bro came back already after spending around 6 months on a TENAGA ship.. Well, alot of ppl asking me what is my bro's doing and i keep saying the same answer over and over again.. For those who don't know yet, he is doing marine engineering and he is fully sponsored by MISC (Malaysia International Shipping Corporation). If u have read or watch news daily, u should be able to recognise the company which few of its ships had been hijacked by Somali pirates. Yes, he is still a cadet and doing practical on the ship which transport gas from Bintulu to Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and sometimes Philiphines. So his ship is totally secure and safe.. Do i really feel happy?? Yes i do cause "we" (one family) can sit together and enjoy our dinner together happily. He'll be staying for few weeks and need to go to malacca/terengganu to continue with his studies at ALAM. So, we are planning for a vacation now. Back packing.. Australia perhaps.. Gold Coast?? Still planning... =p

Monday, June 8, 2009

1st Sunday of the month

Today is sunday so I slept until around 12 something only wake up and on my computer to check my travian account. All of my troops in my village on server 9 died attacked by some unknown fella. Can't help, so I just train new troops.

Then I went to eat my brunch (Yu Tao Mai Fan) with my family somewhere near batu caves. The food there is not bad especially the steam fish with salt and "Monggu Pai Guat". After makan, we back home and i continue my TVB drama, Rosy Business. Watched until 4 something then i rushed to the pool in Bandar Tun Razak for my waterpolo training.

Supposingly, after training i have to rush back to have my dinner with my family. But I changed my mind and accompany my Indonesian friend (who train with me) eat dinner since he "ajak" me. We went to a nearby mamak, Al-Amal with another team mate. After i finished my dinner and about to back home, my dad called me and asking me to join them. They were eating seafood at Pantai Seafood Restaurant in Kayu Ara. So i drove my long way from Bandar Tun Razak to Kayu Ara. I had my second dinner there. :-) I ate a fresh oyster which cost RM7 and Sun Hok (a type of fish) and Siong Tong Lala.. =p

Back home, watched tv, online and now going to sleep.. Oyasuminasai (Good night)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Agong's day

Yesterday (5 June 2009) i spent almost the whole night watching a new TVB drama, Rosy Business if i'm not mistaken. I watched until 3 something in the morning cause I know the next day will be a holiday for everyone (Agong's day) and I can sleep until wat time I wish..

But things always never happen as u think. This morning I'd waken up by my mum and she told me that we are going to Ulu Yam Bharu, visit her sisters. So I couldnt have a longer sleep.. >.< We went to eat Yong Tao Fu in the morning at Sungai Tua, nearby Batu Caves. Each pieces cost 90 sen and tell u what, The "fu cuk" is super duper small and same for other Yong Tao Fu. I will never go back to that restaurant again. Not worth it.

The weather in Ulu Yam is extremely hot and I sweat the whole day. Even at night also can't feel the breeze at all. So damn hot until I "beh tahan" and take a shower there. I'd my haircut today at a salon in Batang Kali. Tell u what, the "sifu" cut hair damn fast and his nick name is "fei gei sau". hehe.. Anyone wanna try?? =p

Then I ate home made steamboat for my dinner. Made by my fellow aunties (3 aunties + my mum). The weather is damn hot + steamboat = bathe for the second time there. I drank a can of cold Calsberg to lower my body temperature and i felt much more better. After dinner, back home and online until now.. Couldn't tahan already and need to sleep now. See ya.. zzZZZzz..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

100% = 50%

This is my first blog and i have no idea what to be "put in" cause if u were to ask me, i will say i prefer to keep all of my thought in my heart. I believe this is the right move to start with blog cause as my friend had told me that keeping all the stuff in ur brain and heart could lead to brain damaged and heart attack.. haha.. So, i have changed my mind and decided to share my stuff with everyone who wish to know me. "Sharing is caring" =p

Well, today i went to HELP uni "again" in the aftenoon to check whether my scholarship application has been approved and the amount that i got (my friend saw mine and told me that i got around RM4k). In my thought, 4k?? How possible?? I remembered the person in charge told me that at least i'll get 50% of the scholarship if according to my past achievement in sport (waterpolo). So i dont really believe what i have heard from my friend.

I dashed to the registry and requested for the letter from the lady. After i gave her my ID no, she checked and told me that my scholarship application has been approved and the amount is RM4200 for 1 year. The fee for my course in 1 year is around RM16k.. If 50% also should be around RM8k right?? Weird.. "Erm, do u wanna see Ms. Parmis??" the lady asked me when she noticed so much confusion on my face. "Alrite" i answered. She called her out and she explained to me that the degree i'm going to enroll is oversea degree so HELP is only going to cover 50% of the fees altho u got 100% of scholarship and the remaining 50% need to be paid by ourself.. Hmm.. That means 100%=50% of the fee?? I got 50% so it gonna be 50%=25% of the fee?? This is why RM4200.. sigh.. >.<

Second thing.. How come i got 50% instead of 100%?? My statements dont sound convincing or anything happen in btw? With the help from my friend (Kah Yi), we went to see the commander, Anthorny Samy Silvarajoo. We tried to explain to him there are 2 categories of national squad, national senior and national junior. I'm belong to the junior category (Trying to explain to him in case he doesnt know what is "national junior"). He checked my achievements and said "U just represented Malaysia in 2006 and 2007. How about 2008? This shows u are not active" (Obviously, he is trying to find reasons for not approving 100%) I answered " Malaysia didn't send team last year and i have already submitted the letter from Amateur Swimming Union of Malaysia (ASUM) stated that i'm still active". Then he exclaimed that he didnt recieve any letter.. WTF!! i have attached together with the scholarship application form.. U must be kidding!! HUh!! As a result, i have to write a letter to appeal and get another copy of letter from ASUM.. I know 1 thing for sure now, 100% scholarship is not easy to get.. No matter what, i'll fight for it.. Wish me luck..